Kenny Dalglish warns Liverpool after defeat at Bolton

Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish had a stern warning for his players after their 3-1 defeat at Bolton.

The Reds were 2-0 down after 29 minutes and Dalglish said: "I don't think the approach was correct. I don't think the way we went about our work was correct.

"If that's the level they expect this football club to play at, they won't be here long.

"The most disappointing thing for me was I don't think they were ready to play the game."

Liverpool had won their last 10 matches against Bolton but succumbed to a heavy defeat thanks to what Dalglish labelled "the worst performance since I came back."

"If they think they can just turn up and get a result and not be competitive and not match the opposition for effort, then they have had a lesson today," he added.

"If we have learned from it then fine but we have to look at ourselves - without taking anything away from Owen Coyle and the way Bolton played - and what we can do and try to prevent it happening in the future."

Dalglish, who returned to the Anfield helm in January 2011 has been part of eight of Liverpool's 18 league titles as a player and manager, the last of which came in 1990.

"The foundations the football club have always been built on is respect for other people," said the 60-year-old Scot.

"It is built on the philosophy that the next game is the most important one, not the one that is two or three down the line.

"If they needed a lesson to be taught to them then this was it."