Shrewsbury Town boss Graham Turner issues Twitter warning to players

Shrewsbury Town manager Graham Turner
Turner has warned his players about the dangers of using Twitter

Shrewsbury manager Graham Turner has backed former QPR boss Neil Warnock in warning about the pitfalls players face in using social media network Twitter.

Warnock has declared tweeting as "poisonous" and Turner says that it all too easily spreads gossip and rumour.

"The FA's warned us that players whose tweets bring the game into disrepute will face action - and rightly so," Turner told BBC Radio Shropshire.

"I can't understand what possesses people to put on controversial things."

Turner conceded that some top-flight players have a big following among fans for their messages, and one or two Shrewsbury players have commented that the Football Association is policing their private lives.

But he said the recent case where former Shrewsbury player Lee Steele was sacked by Oxford City for abusive tweets should serve as a warning to players.

"Players tweet to each other forgetting they're tweeting to the public," he said.

"But it's like making a statement at a press conference. There's no privacy in it, so how do they think they'll ever get away with some of the comments they make?"

The warning from the FA has been pinned up in the Shrewsbury dressing room, and Turner added: "I expect them all to take notice of it."