Chelsea fined £20,000 by FA for misconduct

Chelsea have been fined £20,000 by the Football Association (FA) after admitting failing to control their players in last week's match at QPR.

The FA are yet to rule on manager Andre Villas-Boas after asking him to explain comments made about referee Chris Foy.

Villas-Boas said a "very poor" display from Foy influenced the club's 1-0 defeat. Two Chelsea players were sent off and seven yellow carded.

He faces a fine or touchline ban if he is charged and found guilty.

The FA told BBC Sport on Friday that they are still studying the comments made by the Portuguese manager.

Foy awarded the home side a penalty and sent off both Jose Bosingwa and Didier Drogba before the break.

The FA charge related to Chelsea players surrounding Foy immediately following Bosingwa's dismissal.

Immediately after the match, ex-Porto head coach Villas-Boas said: "The ref was poor - very, very poor. And it was reflected in the result.

"I spoke to him at the end and I was very aggressive to him. I don't care if he's OK or not.

"We have had three referees [this season] with a direct influence on the result and I think it's too much.

"I don't think he was ever in control. A couple of decisions he got right but most he got wrong.

"We are title contenders and we want to believe we are title contenders. We are pushing to play good football, to play attacking football and we are colliding with a lot of bad days from the refs.

"Eventually one day things will go in our favour but I think this is too much, it's not to Premier League standards and I am disappointed with his performance today.

"Conspiracy theories can lead to bans and lead to you calling us cry babies, and we're not. But it keeps happening."

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