Graham Taylor on England's draw with Montenegro

Montenegro Andrija Delibasic
Andrija Delibasic heads in to register an injury-time equaliser

In England's 2-2 draw with Montenegro referee Wolfgang Stark was totally correct to send off Wayne Rooney.

We were not very far from the incident and Rooney deliberately kicked his opponent.

It wouldn't surprise me if the one-match ban was increased because it was deliberate. It will all depend on what that Uefa tribunal decides.

But I think if there is an extension it will only be by one game. I believe the most he will get is a two-game suspension.

The way that England started against the hosts, it was a game for the taking, and in the second half they really disappeared - it was a dreadfully poor performance.

You cannot argue that Montenegro didn't deserve the draw, but it isn't as if they came up against an England side who were equipped and ready to take them on after the break.

England changed so dramatically in this game from dominating possession, being in control, from being 2-0 up and then losing that first goal on the stroke of half-time.

The second-half performance ended up being one of the poorest I've seen from an England side.

Ashley Young did well with a goal and an assist, and has come into the side to make his presence felt. Phil Jones did alright on his debut too.

Once or twice his positional play left him a bit short and it was his pace that got him out of trouble.

I still think his best position is probably centre-back but all in all he did ok without saying he is the wonder player. You can't be asking him to be the leader in this kind of situation when he is 19 years old.

One of the greatest things that struck me was the Montenegro fans clapping our national anthem.

That in itself tells you something and you can see the joy of these people. The country has a population of 650,000 and the result has been fantastic for them but England threw this game away.

Graham Taylor was talking on BBC Radio 5 live