Graham Taylor expects Watford signings

Watford chairman Graham Taylor is expecting funds to be made available to new boss Sean Dyche.

The Hornets have enjoyed recent windfalls through player sales, add-ons and compensation.

"There has to be re-investment, I want people to be talking about the players we've signed, who we've brought in," Taylor told BBC Three Counties Radio.

"This is a football club and there hasn't been enough talk about the football side of things."

He added: "Hopefully we can change that by having some money available to go out and buy, we have to bring in some new players.

"This will be up to Sean with Ross Wilson [new head of football business], who I rate very highly."

Since new owner , the Hornets have taken fees for and from Swansea and Brighton respectively.

They are also due compensation from and are poised to scoop 15% of any profit Aston Villa make on .

And Dyche has been told he will have some, if not all, of the funds to add to his squad.

"The club are realistic, the board are realistic, Laurence is realistic," he said.

"He knows we need support, he knows there's certain players we want to target.

"There is manoeuvrability, we need to use it wisely and make sure we don't go out of the club's business model."

One of Dyche's first jobs will be to find a replacement for Graham, last season's 24-goal top scorer, whether that be internally, or from another club.

"We'll be looking for somebody to take that mantle, possibly it's someone we acquire," said Dyche.

"It's for somebody to come in and be their version of Danny Graham, score lots of goals and be a crowd hero.

"It's up for grabs and it's an exciting prospect for anyone."