World Para Swimming Championships: Team GB twins draw inspiration from clubmates

Scarlett and Eliza Humphrey
Scarlett and Eliza Humphrey have six pool training sessions per week

Scarlett and Eliza Humphrey will draw inspiration from Paralympian clubmates Maisie Summers-Newton and Will Perry when they make history in June.

They will become the first twins to compete for Team GB at the World Para Swimming Championships in Madeira.

All four Northampton Swimming Club training buddies are in the 33-strong British team named earlier this month.external-link

"We learn a lot from Maisie and Will. They are very nice people and very supportive," Eliza told BBC Look East.

Team GB won 47 medals at the 2019 event in London, including 19 golds.

And they are hoping to better that total with a squad which includes seven Paralympic champions, including Summers-Newton, who won two golds in Tokyo last year.

This year's World Championships will run from 12-18 June on the home island of Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo.

"It'll be nice to share the moment with my sister. It's one of the most exciting opportunities of our lives," Scarlett added.

The 17-year-old twins compete in the S11 visually impaired category, making use of a 'tapper' to warn them they are reaching the end of the pool, which is a vital role.

Club director of coaching Andy Sharp said: "Lewis Hamilton relies on his team in the pit. Lewis could be having an absolutely storming race, leading the Grand Prix, but if he comes in for a tyre change and a member of his pit crew messes up, it could be game over.

"It's the same for Scarlett and Eliza - they could be in the best shape of their lives, but if one of the tappers misses the tap or is half a second out, or half a metre out, it can really affect their race."

The twins admit to being "quite competitive" with each other.

"There are some events that we're better than each other in, but you always want to beat them at their favourite event," Eliza said.

The sisters have not divulged any personal targets, but Perry has no doubt they are worthy inclusions in the squad.

"What they do is utterly phenomenal and I'm so proud to have them on our team going to the Worlds," he said.

"All four of us (in the team), Maisie, myself, Scarlett and Eliza, it's just fantastic. And I know they are going to smash it."

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