Rio 2016 Paralympics: GB roll of honour

Richard Whitehead, Hannah Cockroft, Bethany Firth, Sarah Storey and Ellie Simmonds.
Richard Whitehead, Hannah Cockroft, Bethany Firth, Kadeena Cox, Sarah Storey and Ellie Simmonds are among Great Britain's successful Paralympians in Rio

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Gold medals (64)

Day 10

Bethany Firth - Women's SM14 200m individual medley (swimming)

Jo Frith & John Walker - W1 Mixed Team archery

Ollie Hynd - Men's SM8 200m medley (swimming)

Hannah Russell - Women's S12 50m freestyle (swimming)

Dame Sarah Storey - Women's C4-5 road race (cycling)

Jess Stretton -Women's W1 individual (archery)

Day nine

Natasha Baker, Sophie Christiansen, Anne Dunham & Sophie Wells - Dressage mixed team event

Natasha Baker - Grade II freestyle (equestrian)

Paul Blake - T36 400m (athletics)

Claire Cashmore, Steph Millward, Steph Slater, Alice Tai - Women's 4x100m medley -34pts

Hannah Cockroft - T34 800m (athletics)

Sophie Christiansen - Individual freestyle test grade 1a (equestrian)

Lee Pearson - Individual freestyle test grade 1B (equestrian)

Gordon Reid - Men's singles (wheelchair tennis)

David Smith - Boccia mixed individual BC1

John Walker - Individual compound W1 (archery)

Day eight

Natasha Baker - Individual Grade II (equestrian)

Sophie Christiansen - Grade 1a Championship (equestrian)

Anne Dickins - Women's KL3 (canoeing)

Emma Wiggs - Women's KL2 (canoeing)

Jeanette Chippington - Women's KL1 (canoeing)

Day seven

Hannah Russell - Women's S12 100m backstroke (swimming)

Aaron Moores - Men's SB14 100m breaststroke (swimming)

Michael Jones - Men's S7 400m freestyle (swimming)

Hannah Cockroft - Women's T34 400m (athletics)

Steve Bate and pilot Adam Duggleby - Men's tandem B time trial (cycling)

Sophie Wells - Grade IV class dressage individual test (equestrian)

Kadeena Cox - Women's T38 400m (athletics)

Karen Darke - Women's H1-3 time trial (Hand-cycling)

Dame Sarah Storey - Women's C5 time trial (cycling)

Day six

Matt Wylie - Men's S9 50m freestyle (swimming)

Libby Clegg (and guide Chris Clarke) - T11 200m gold (athletics)

Stephanie Millward - Women's 100m backstroke S8 (swimming)

Hollie Arnold - Women's F46 javelin (athletics)

Rob Davies - Men's table tennis class 1

Georgie Hermitage - Women's T37 400m (athletics)

Day five

Will Bayley - Class 7 (table tennis)

Aled Davies - F42 shot put (athletics)

Sascha Kindred - Men's SM6 200m individual medley (swimming)

Susie Rodgers - Women's S7 50m butterfly

Ellie Simmonds - Women's SM6 200m medley (swimming)

Day four

Jo Butterfield - Women's F51 club throw (athletics)

Jody Cundy, Jon Allan-Butterworth and Louis Rolfe - Men's mixed C1-5 sprint team (track cycling)

Grace Clough, Daniel Brown, Pamela Relph, James Fox and cox James Oliver - Mixed coxed four (rowing)

Bethany Firth - Women's 200m freestyle S14 final (swimming)

Rachel Morris - Women's single sculls (rowing)

Lora Turnham and pilot Corinne Hall - Women's tandem B 3km pursuit (track cycling)

Lauren Rowles and Laurence Whiteley - Mixed double sculls (rowing)

Richard Whitehead - Men's 200m T42 (athletics)

Day three

Hannah Cockroft - Women's T34 100m (athletics)

Kadeena Cox - Women's C4-5 time trial (track cycling)

Andy Lewis - Men's PT2 race (triathlon)

Day two

Libby Clegg - Women's T11 100m final (athletics)

Jody Cundy - Men's C4-5 1km time trial (track cycling)

Sophie Hahn - Women's 100m T38 (athletics)

Georgie Hermitage - Women's 100m T37 (athletics)

Jonnie Peacock - Men's T44 100m (athletics)

Ellie Robinson - Women's S6 butterfly (swimming)

Sophie Thornhill (with pilot Helen Scott) - Women's B 1,000m time trial (track cycling)

Day one

Steve Bate (with pilot Adam Duggleby) - Men's B 4,000m individual pursuit final (track cycling)

Bethany Firth - Women's S14 100m backstroke (swimming)

Megan Giglia - Women's C1-3 3,000m individual pursuit (track cycling)

Ollie Hynd - Men's S8 400m freestyle (swimming)

Dame Sarah Storey - Women's C5 3,000m individual pursuit (track cycling)

Silver medals (39)

Day 10

Jessica-Jane Applegate - Women's SM14 200m individual medley (swimming)

Paul Blake - Men's T36 800m (athletics)

Jo Frith -Women's W1 individual (archery)

Abby Kane - Women's S13 100m backstroke (swimming)

Tom Hamer - Men's SM14 200m medley (swimming)

Stephanie Millward - Women's 200m individual medley (swimming)

Day nine

Anne Dunham - Individual freestyle test grade 1a (equestrian)

Alfie Hewett - Men's singles (wheelchair tennis)

Andrew Mullen - Men's S5 50m backstroke (swimming)

David Stone - Men's road race T1-2 (cycling)

Sophie Wells- Freestyle test event grade IV (equestrian)

Day eight

Anne Dunham - Grade 1a Championship (equestrian)

Gordon Reid & Alife Hewett - Wheelchair tennis doubles

Richard Whitehead - Men's T42 100m (athletics)

Kadeena Cox, Sophie Hahn, Georgie Hermitage, Maria Lyle - Women's T35-38 4x100m relay (athletics)

Day seven

Andy Lapthorne - quad singles (wheelchair tennis)

Bethany Firth - Women's SB14 100m breaststroke (swimming)

Scott Quin - Men's SB14 100m breaststroke (swimming)

Jonathan Fox - Men's S7 400m freestyle (swimming)

Claire Cashmore - Women's SB8 100m breaststroke (swimming)

Lee Pearson - Grade Ib class dressage individual test (equestrian)

Day six

Oliver Hynd - Men's 100m backstroke S8 final (swimming)

Piers Gilliver - Men's individual epee (wheelchair fencing)

Day five

Jonathan Broom-Edwards - Men's T44 high jump (athletics)

John Stubbs and Jodie Grinham - mixed team compound (archery)

Day four

Jessica-Jane Appleton - Women's 200m freestyle S14 final (swimming)

Neil Fachie (with pilot Pete Mitchell) - Men's tandem B 1000m time trial (track cycling)

Tom Hamer - Men's 200m freestyle S14 final (swimming)

Alison Patrick (with guide Hazel Smith) - PT5 race (triathlon)

Rebecca Redfern - Women's 100m breaststroke SB13 final (swimming)

Lauren Steadman - Women's PT4 race (triathlon)

Day three

Kare Adenegan - Women's T34 100m (athletics)

Toby Gold - Men's T33 100m (athletics)

Day two

Ali Jawad - Men's -59kg (powerlifting)

Stef Reid - Women's T44 long jump (athletics)

Steph Slater - Women's 100m butterfly S8 (swimming)

Day one

Jon Fox - Men's S7 100m backstroke (swimming)

Crystal Lane - Women's C5 3,000m individual pursuit (track cycling)

Harriet Lee - Women's SB9 100m breaststroke (swimming)

Bronze medals (44)

Day 10

Steve Bate, with pilot Adam Duggleby - Men's B road race (Road cycling)

Vicky Jenkins - Women's W1 individual (archery)

Crystal Lane - Women's C4-5 road race (cycling)

Helena Lucas - One-person keelboat 2.4mR (sailing)

Maria Lyle - Women's T35 200m final (athletics)

Andrew Mullen - Men's S5 100m freestyle (swimming)

Alexandra Rickham & Niki Birrell - two-person keelboat SKUD18 (sailing)

Ellie Robinson - Women's S6 100m freestyle (swimming)

Wheelchair basketball team - Men's tournament

Day nine

Kare Adenegan - Women's T34 800m (athletics)

Will Bayley, Aaron McKibbin, Ross Wilson - Men's team event, class 6-8 (table tennis)

Dan Greaves - Men's F44 discus (athletics)

Hannah Russell - Women's S13 100m freestyle (swimming)

Day eight

Nick Beighton - Men's KL2 (canoeing)

Charlotte Henshaw - Women's 100m SB6 breaststroke (swimming)

Ian Marsden - Men's KL1 (canoeing)

Day seven

Susannah Rodgers - Women's S7 400m freestyle (swimming)

Kare Adenegan - Women's T34 400m (athletics)

David Stone - Men's tricycle T1-2 time trial (cycling)

Lora Turnham and pilot Corrine Hall - Women's tandem B time trial (cycling)

Maria Lyle T35 100m (athletics)

Day six

Jordanne Whiley and Lucy Shuker - Women's doubles (wheelchair tennis)

Ellie Simmonds - Women's S6 400m freestyle (swimming)

Andy Lapthorne and Jamie Burdekin - quad doubles (wheelchair tennis)

Stephen Miller - Men's F32 club throw (athletics)

Day four

Tom Aggar - Men's single sculls (rowing)

Josef Craig - Men's 100m freestyle S9 (swimming)

Dave Henson - Men's 200m T42 (athletics)

Amy Marren - Women's 200m individual medley SM9 (swimming)

Stephanie Millward - Women's 100m freestyle S8 (swimming)

Melissa Reid (and guide Nicole Walters) - PT5 race (triathlon)

Sophie Thornhill and Helen Scott - Women's tandem B 3km pursuit (track cycling)

Day three

Sabrina Fortune - Women's F20 shot put (athletics)

Andrew Small - Men's T33 100m (athletics)

Alice Tai - Women's S10 100m backstroke (swimming)

Day two

Kadeena Cox - Women's 100m T38 (athletics)

Zoe Newson - Women's -45kg (powerlifting)

Gemma Prescott - Women's F32 club throw (athletics)

Susie Rodgers - Women's S7 50m freestyle (swimming)

Louis Rolfe - Men's C2 3,000m pursuit (track cycling)

Lewis White - Men's S9 400m freestyle (swimming)

Day one

Jessica-Jane Applegate - Women's S14 100m backstroke (swimming)

Stephanie Millward - Women's S8 400m freestyle (swimming)

Andrew Mullen - Men's S5 200m freestyle final (swimming)

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