Rio Paralympic organisers to give away tickets

Rio Paralympic organisers are to give away half a million tickets for the Games in a bid to boost disappointing ticket sales.

Before the announcement, only 720,000 tickets out of the total 3.3m had been sold, according to director of ticketing Donovan Ferreti.

The tickets will go to city employees, students and the disabled.

"We are delighted that these students are coming to be part of this unique experience," said Ferreti.

He added that although ticket sales were disappointing, he hoped the announcement would increase interest in the Games which will take place from 7-18 September.

On Monday, with 100 days to go to the opening ceremony, International Paralympic Committee president Sir Philip Craven told BBC Sport that he was unconcerned about current ticket sales and believed the Games would still be a huge success.

Another 47,000 tickets will be given away by the city of Rio for the Olympics from 5-21 August.

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