Wessel Nijman handed five-year darts ban for betting and anti-corruption breaches

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Wessel Nijman admitted to fixing a match he lost 4-0 in May

The Netherlands' Wessel Nijman has been banned from darts for five years for breaching betting and anti-corruption rules.

Half of the 20-year-old's ban will be suspended if he engages in player education and anti-corruption measures.

Nijman, who was suspended in August after the Darts Regulation Authority (DRA) was alerted to suspicious betting, "fully accepts" the decision.

The case regarding Northern Ireland's Kyle McKinstry is ongoing.

The International Betting Integrity Association alerted the DRA to betting on games in April and May in which Nijman and McKinstry, 33, played.

Nijman admitted fixing his 4-0 defeat by David Evans on 14 May in the Modus Icons of Darts series, claiming at the time of his suspension that he had been "put under some pressure to lose a match".

Nijman's five-year ban is backdated to the initial suspension date on 18 August. Should he comply with the conditions set out by the DRA, he will be able to compete again from 18 February 2023.

Following the ruling, Nijman said: "While it is clear that I was put under external pressure, ultimately I agreed to do this and take full responsibility for my actions.

"I hope any other player who finds themselves in a similar position will learn from my mistakes and follow the correct procedure to help protect their own integrity and the integrity of darts as a sport.

"Unfortunately, I did not do that and made a stupid mistake that I am rightly being punished for."

The Professional Darts Players Association (PDPA) said it condemned the actions of anyone in breach of betting integrity and anti-corruption rules - but added it was pleased Nijman's full admission and co-operation had been reflected in the ruling.

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