John Henderson: 'Worrying times' for Scot amid coronavirus pandemic

By Tyrone SmithBBC Scotland Sport
Scotland's John Henderson is at higher risk of Covid-19 as he has type 2 diabetes
Scotland's John Henderson is at higher risk of Covid-19 as he has type-2 diabetes

Scottish darts player John Henderson says the coronavirus crisis is a doubly worrying time as both he and his NHS employee wife Veronica are classified as vulnerable.

And countless hours of practice can't shift the worry which is now a constant for 46-year-old Henderson, who has type-2 diabetes.

His wife's role as a theatre co-ordinator at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary puts her on the frontline of the fight to combat Covid-19.

It also increases her potential exposure to the virus and leaves John anxious over her - and the couple's - welfare.

''It is worrying times - she is having to go out there and risk her life but she is doing a great job," Henderson said.

"I am watching the news every day and you see the death toll going up all the time. There are more NHS workers catching it, so they really are in the frontline.

"She goes out in the morning as normal and you just hope she comes in at night and you just wish she hasn't caught it. I am proud as hell of what she is doing."

Huntly-based Henderson, who is 31st in the PDC world rankings, is in the vulnerable category amid the Covid-19 pandemic because of his medical condition.

"I am a diabetic so I think we have more chance of catching it but I just try to forget about it," he said.

"If I watch the news, I am getting reminded. We are just trying to lead as normal a life as possible but it is at the back of your mind."

With Henderson and his wife both at a higher risk, he admits they have discussed how their lives could change should one of them contract Covid-19.

"We would have to isolate from one another, but I don't think it would sink in until it actually happened," he added.

"She has said, 'This could happen, this is what we might have to do' and obviously things will change then.' Fingers crossed it doesn't come to that."

Like the rest of the sporting world, darts has gone in to shutdown, and Henderson is keeping himself occupied by ramping up the hours at the practice board.

"I am putting in a bit more because there isn't much else to do," he said. "Daytime television has never been a strong point of mine, so I am just getting ready for when I can go back into competition.

"You can practise as much as you can, four or five hours a day, but nothing beats playing in an actual tournament as there is a different sort of pressure."

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