Lisa Ashton: Four-time world champions say PDC Tour card success 'changes everything'

Lisa Ashton was runner up to Japan's Mikuru Suzuki at this year's BDO Women's World Championship
Lisa Ashton was runner-up to Japan's Mikuru Suzuki at this year's BDO Women's World Championship

Lisa Ashton says winning a PDC Tour card will enable her to plan for the year ahead and focus on darts - unlike her recent experiences with the BDO.

The 49-year-old made history by becoming the first woman to win a card through Q School at Wigan on Sunday.

Lack of sponsorship and poor ticket sales led to prize money uncertainty in last week's BDO World Championship.

"Getting my tour card has changed everything for me in darts," Ashton told BBC Radio Manchester.

"I've not got to worry about whether a tournament is going ahead or how much money we will win.

"Lately with what's going on with the BDO, some tournaments we know will happen, some we don't. You can't plan ahead for 12 months because you don't know.

"I know now that I can plan for the whole year or two years, because I know the tournaments and money is there."

A four-time BDO women's world champion, Ashton beat 13 men in 17 matches over four days to earn her PDC spot.

Her success in winning a tour card means she is now eligible to enter 30 Players Championship events, each with a top prize of £10,000.

Asked whether the BDO has a future, Ashton said: "I don't know, we've got to wait and see what they announce. Hopefully it does carry on and this is just a blip.

"It's disheartening with what's going on."

Ashton's tour card triumph comes after Fallon Sherrock became the first woman to beat a man at the PDC World Championship in December.

The Bolton thrower says that the recent success of women's darts players can help the sport.

She continued: "Fallon at the World Championships and me at Q School, it just shows the doors are open now. This year 16 ladies entered.

"The doors are opening wider and hopefully more ladies can get through. If they keep going they will get there."

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