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Saturday 14th March 2020

Nice - Valdeblore La Colmiane - 166.5km

Round 7

1ColombiaNairo Quintana4:27:01
2BelgiumTiesj Benoot0:46 behind
3FranceThibaut Pinot0:56 behind
4SpainSergio Higuita0:56 behind
5ItalyVincenzo Nibali0:56 behind
6GermanyMaximilian Schachmann0:58 behind
7FranceGuillaume Martin1:19 behind
8EstoniaTanel Kangert1:22 behind
9FranceRomain Bardet1:32 behind
10FranceRudy Molard1:32 behind
11BelgiumThomas de Gendt1:48 behind
12DenmarkSoeren Kragh Andersen2:10 behind
13AustriaFelix Grossschartner3:36 behind
14AustraliaRichie Porte3:40 behind
15AustraliaChris Hamilton3:54 behind
16BelgiumXandro Meurisse3:54 behind
17FranceFabien Doubey3:58 behind
18GermanyJohn Degenkolb4:44 behind
19BelgiumJasper Stuyven4:44 behind
20FranceOlivier Le Gac4:44 behind

Friday 13th March 2020

Sorgues - Apt - 160.5km

Round 6

1BelgiumTiesj Benoot3:57:02
2AustraliaMichael Matthews0:22 behind
3SpainSergio Higuita0:22 behind
4LuxembourgBob Jungels0:22 behind
5FranceJulian Alaphilippe0:22 behind
6ItalyVincenzo Nibali0:22 behind
7FranceThibaut Pinot0:22 behind
8FranceGuillaume Martin0:22 behind
9FranceRudy Molard0:22 behind
10ColombiaNairo Quintana0:22 behind
11AustriaFelix Grossschartner0:22 behind
12GermanyMaximilian Schachmann0:22 behind
13FranceLilian Calmejane0:43 behind
14BelgiumXandro Meurisse0:43 behind
15EstoniaTanel Kangert0:43 behind
16FranceFabien Doubey0:43 behind
17BelgiumThomas de Gendt0:53 behind
18FranceMikael Cherel1:01 behind
19DenmarkMichael Valgren Andersen1:01 behind
20FranceAurelien Paret-Peintre1:01 behind

Thursday 12th March 2020

Gannat - La Cote Saint Andre - 227km

Round 5

1ItalyNiccolo Bonifazio5:18:02
2SpainIvan Cortina0:00 behind
3SlovakiaPeter Sagan0:00 behind
4FranceNacer Bouhanni0:00 behind
5FranceHugo Hofstetter0:00 behind
6ItalyAndrea Pasqualon0:00 behind
7GermanyJohn Degenkolb0:00 behind
8ItalyElia Viviani0:00 behind
9FranceBryan Coquard0:00 behind
10FranceMarc Sarreau0:00 behind
11ItalyGiacomo Nizzolo0:00 behind
12BelgiumJasper Stuyven0:00 behind
13SloveniaJan Tratnik0:00 behind
14Czech RepublicZdenek Stybar0:00 behind
15SerbiaDusan Rajovic0:00 behind
16NetherlandsCees Bol0:00 behind
17GermanyMaximilian Schachmann0:00 behind
18LithuaniaEvaldas Siskevicius0:00 behind
19SpainSergio Higuita0:00 behind
20DenmarkMichael Moerkoev0:00 behind

Wednesday 11th March 2020

Saint Amand Montrond - Saint Amand Montrond - 15.1km

Round 4

1DenmarkSoeren Kragh Andersen0:18:51
2GermanyMaximilian Schachmann0:06 behind
3DenmarkKasper Asgreen0:12 behind
4BelgiumThomas de Gendt0:13 behind
5SpainPello Bilbao0:15 behind
6BelgiumVictor Campenaerts0:17 behind
7AustraliaMichael Matthews0:18 behind
8SwitzerlandStefan Kueng0:26 behind
9SwedenTobias Ludvigsson0:27 behind
10United StatesLawson Craddock0:29 behind
11EstoniaTanel Kangert0:33 behind
12LuxembourgBob Jungels0:33 behind
13SloveniaJan Tratnik0:33 behind
14AustraliaRichie Porte0:34 behind
15BelgiumTiesj Benoot0:36 behind
16BelgiumDylan Teuns0:36 behind
17AustriaFelix Grossschartner0:36 behind
17FranceJulian Alaphilippe0:36 behind
19ItalyDamiano Caruso0:40 behind
20FrancePierre-Roger Latour0:40 behind

Tuesday 10th March 2020

Chalette sur Loing - La Chatre - 214km

Round 3

1SpainIvan Cortina5:49:55
2SlovakiaPeter Sagan0:00 behind
3ItalyAndrea Pasqualon0:00 behind
4NetherlandsCees Bol0:00 behind
5FranceNacer Bouhanni0:00 behind
6FranceRudy Barbier0:00 behind
7FranceAnthony Turgis0:00 behind
8ItalyGiacomo Nizzolo0:00 behind
9DenmarkMads Wuertz Schmidt0:00 behind
10BelgiumOliver Naesen0:00 behind
11LatviaKrists Neilands0:00 behind
12FranceMarc Sarreau0:00 behind
13GermanyMaximilian Schachmann0:00 behind
14BelgiumDylan Teuns0:00 behind
15EnglandConnor Swift0:00 behind
16AustriaFelix Grossschartner0:03 behind
17GermanyNils Politt0:03 behind
18FranceRudy Molard0:03 behind
19BelgiumTiesj Benoot0:03 behind
20SpainSergio Higuita0:03 behind

Monday 9th March 2020

Chevreuse - Chalette sur Loing - 166.5km

Round 2

1ItalyGiacomo Nizzolo3:49:57
2GermanyPascal Ackermann0:00 behind
3BelgiumJasper Stuyven0:00 behind
4GermanyNils Politt0:00 behind
5SpainSergio Higuita0:00 behind
6DenmarkMads Wuertz Schmidt0:00 behind
7ItalyVincenzo Nibali0:03 behind
8GermanyMaximilian Schachmann0:03 behind
9AustriaFelix Grossschartner0:03 behind
10LatviaKrists Neilands0:03 behind
11SlovakiaPeter Sagan0:03 behind
12GermanyMax Walscheid0:18 behind
13ItalyElia Viviani0:18 behind
14FranceHugo Hofstetter0:18 behind
15BelgiumOliver Naesen0:18 behind
16LithuaniaEvaldas Siskevicius0:18 behind
17LuxembourgAlex Kirsch0:18 behind
18FranceRomain Bardet0:18 behind
19AustriaPatrick Konrad0:18 behind
20FranceThibaut Pinot0:18 behind

Sunday 8th March 2020

Plaisir - Plaisir - 154km

Round 1

1GermanyMaximilian Schachmann3:32:19
2BelgiumDylan Teuns0:00 behind
3BelgiumTiesj Benoot0:00 behind
4FranceJulian Alaphilippe0:03 behind
5NetherlandsCees Bol0:15 behind
6GermanyNils Politt0:15 behind
7ItalyGiacomo Nizzolo0:15 behind
8SpainSergio Higuita0:15 behind
9AustriaFelix Grossschartner0:15 behind
10BelgiumYves Lampaert0:15 behind
11GermanyJohn Degenkolb0:15 behind
12Czech RepublicZdenek Stybar0:15 behind
13BelgiumPhilippe Gilbert0:15 behind
14DenmarkKasper Asgreen0:15 behind
15BelgiumJasper Stuyven0:15 behind
16LatviaKrists Neilands0:15 behind
17SpainPello Bilbao0:15 behind
18FranceFabien Doubey0:15 behind
19FranceRudy Molard0:15 behind
20EstoniaTanel Kangert0:15 behind

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