Mark Beaumont overwhelmed by 'virtual peloton' fundraising efforts

Mark Beaumont
Mark Beaumont using his home trainer in Edinburgh

Mark Beaumont is replicating a day per week of his world record-breaking feat of circumnavigating the globe alongside other cyclists online for charity.

Beaumont, 37, completed his 18,000-mile route in less than 79 days in 2017.

And, on Thursdays, Beaumont leads a 'virtual peloton' of cyclists with home trainers to ride 240 miles, with more than 400 people having taken part.

"The response has been overwhelming," said Beaumont after raising around £167,000 for NHS causes.

"Initially, the plan was for 80 cyclists to come together each Thursday to travel 18,000 miles on their indoor bikes.

"But after week one, it was immediately clear that so many more people wanted to get involved."

Paralympians Steve Bate MBE and Mel Nicholls are among those who have taken part and the equivalent of 36,000 miles has been covered while social distancing measures have been in place to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

"I truly believe we can go around the world twice in one day," added Beaumont, who had set an initial target of £25,000.

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