I don't know if Mark Cavendish will ride Tour de France again, says performance manager

Mark Cavendish
Mark Cavendish competed in the Road Race at the British Cycling National Championships in June

Team Dimension Data's performance manager does not know if Mark Cavendish will compete at the Tour de France again after his omission from the 2019 race.

Rolf Aldag initially selected Cavendish to ride at the Tour but was overruled by owner Doug Ryder.

Cavendish, 34, is missing the event for the first time since his debut in 2007.

"Cavendish knows he still has my support," Aldag told the BBC's BeSpoke podcast.

When asked if Cavendish could ride the Tour in the future, Aldag said: "Who knows. I certainly hope that he can prove himself and that he can show what's still in him and he knows he still has my full support.

"I selected Mark Cavendish in my function as head of performance and the team owner Doug Ryder has the right as the team owner, like in every normal company, to say 'I see the team in a different composition and he's not going'."

Cavendish has struggled with illness since April 2017 but said he was in "the perfect place" to race in this year's Tour, which began in Brussels on Saturday.

The 34-year-old has won 30 Tour stages - four fewer than Eddy Merckx's record.