British Cycling removing Porn Pedallers Cycling Club affiliation is 'overreaction'

Club loses British Cycling affliation
Porn Pedallers Cycling Club was set up two years ago by Chris Ratcliff and has 100 members

A cycling club made up of adult entertainment workers has lost its British Cycling affiliation - after the governing body said its name might damage the sport's image.

PPCC, which stands for Porn Pedallers Cycling Club, raises money and awareness for sexual health charities.

"We are what we are and proud of what we do," founder Chris Ratcliff said.

British Cycling said it was offering "constructive advice" to the club to help it meet regulations.

Ratcliff, who is the chief executive of an adult television company and set up the cycling club for its employees, says he cannot see how it is "at odds" with the UCI regulations which British Cycling are bound by.

The club, which Ratcliff says has 100 paid-up members and is continuing to grow, was formed two years ago and given British Cycling affiliation.

He says he was told the group did not meet the criteria when they applied to renew their affiliation for a third year.

The UCI regulation says pornographic products, along with tobacco or spirits, that "might damage the image of the UCI or of cycling in general" cannot be associated "directly or indirectly" with a licence-holder, team or a national or international cycling competition.

"It is an overreaction. We understand our moniker doesn't stand in all social situations, so where appropriate in a public context we are PPCC," Ratcliff told BBC Sport.

"We appreciate that porn isn't for everybody so we don't shove it in people's faces, but this is first and foremost about cycling.

"What I can't understand about British Cycling is they want more people riding, we want to put bums on bikes, so we have a common objective."

The club raises about £10,000 annually for HIV charity Terrence Higgins Trust.

British Cycling acknowledged the club "does excellent work in raising money for charity and has a loyal and active membership".

Ratcliff said he appreciated British Cycling had "offered an olive branch" but believes their demands will damage the group's future.

"Their concessions are changing the name of the club and removing the sponsors - that erases our identity," he added.

"We are proud of what we do, not least because of the work we're doing for the Terrence Higgins Trust, raising money for better sexual health and fighting the stigma of HIV.

"Why can't we take that out to a broad audience and do that with the backing of British Cycling?"