Tour de Yorkshire: Astana apologise to volunteer after support vehicle near miss

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A support vehicle crashed through a traffic island during the final stage of the race.

Cycling team Astana are "deeply sorry" after a support car almost hit a volunteer and crashed through a traffic island during the Tour de Yorkshire.

Race marshal Philip Sullivan said he was "shaken but unhurt" after Sunday's incident on the final stage in Leeds.

Astana have spoken to Mr Sullivan and "will have some gifts for him".

"The sport director that was driving the car contacted the race organiser directly after the race to send our apologies," a statement read.

"We're sorry and want this to never happen again."

Mr Sullivan was unhurt and said he did not want the crash to "tarnish the the Tour de Yorkshire" and during his conversation with Astana sports director Lars Michaelsen said that he would volunteer at next year's race, where the two will "meet for a beer".

He was one of hundreds of volunteer marshals working on the race and was standing on the traffic island in a hi-vis jacket, waving a flag to direct cyclists, their team cars and official race motorbikes, away from the hazard.

The Astana car came round a right-hand bend in the centre of the road and was unable to avoid the traffic island with Mr Sullivan jumping clear at the last moment.

Mr Sullivan, 35, said: "I am still thinking how close it was, but luckily I do not have a scratch."

After the near-miss he composed himself and took his place again as the rest of the riders went through.

"I knew the riders were coming and I had a job to do", he said.

A spokesperson for Welcome to Yorkshire - one of the organisers of the race - said it had "launched an immediate investigation to determine the facts of exactly what happened".

A record 2.6m fans watched the Tour de Yorkshire over four days.

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