Rob Smart takes win in Tour of Guernsey

Rob Smart
Smart took the victory after attacking in the last lap of the race

Local rider Rob Smart attacked on the last lap of the criterium course at Delancey to take the win in the fourth stage of the Tour of Guernsey.

Tour leader Andy Colver set a fast pace from the start to try to protect his lead, aware the rest of the pack was keen to close the gap.

The frontrunners left Colver to set the pace until the last of the eight laps when they attacked.

Smart took the victory ahead of Colver in second and James Roe in third.

Mark Smith, from the Guernsey Velo Club said: "With most of the top senior riders carrying a DNS [did not start] points penalty from stage three it would appear that, barring a DNF [did not finish] or DNS, no one can now close the gap on Colver.

"However the second spot is still going to be a close fought affair."

Gary Wallbridge took the victory in the veterans despite an early tumble and now sits third overall in the category behind Dave English and Steve Smith.