BBC Elite British Sportswomen's Survey: Cricket Scotland promises support

A graphic saying 65% of sportswomen have suffered sexism in their sport but only 10% felt comfortable to report it. Survey question: Have you ever experienced sexism in your sport.

Cricket Scotland says it will take action to support female players in response to the findings in the BBC Elite British Sportswomen's Survey.

The governing body is promising to "analyse the results carefully", describing the survey as a "rich source of insight".

Almost 65% of respondents had suffered sexism, but only 10% reported it.

President elect Sue Strachan said Cricket Scotland was "incredibly proud" of players who had spoken out.

She highlighted the issues of menstruation, sexism and racism, saying all are "difficult subjects about which to speak publicly".

Stachan added: "There is little doubt that we have work to do to enable female athletes to feel more comfortable and well supported to perform at their best whilst maintaining their optimum physical and mental health."

The survey was sent to 1,068 women in 39 different sports and received 537 responses, while Scotland cricketers Katie McGill and Priyanaz Chatterji were among those sharing their stories with the BBC.

"We at Cricket Scotland are absolutely committed to progress work in all of the issues highlighted by this important research going forwards," said chief executive Gus Mackay.

"As we progress this work, we aim to welcome without discrimination any person who wishes to be a part of the cricket community in Scotland."