Heather Knight: Quizzes, cycling & volunteering for NHS

Heather Knight

It is pretty dramatic how things have changed in the 10 days since I've been back from Australia.

To start with, it was all pretty normal. I got picked up from the airport, went into town to meet a few friends and we had a walk through a lovely, quiet London.

Then we went for a drink in a pub and while we were in there, it was announced that we should avoid going to pubs!

I headed down to my boyfriend's in Bristol before the lockdown was announced - I didn't pack very much as I thought I would only be here for a week or so. It's turned out to be a bit longer than that…

Tim and I have gone from not seeing each other for seven weeks to living in each other's pockets. We have only had a few little tiffs - mostly when I'm trying to do my exercise programmes in the lounge and he's trying to play Call of Duty. He gets in the way of my dead bugs!external-link

All joking aside, it is nice to spend a bit of time together. It makes you appreciate it even more.

But this has really put things into perspective for all of us and it reminds me how important my family and friends are.

Daily quizzes & keep fit with Rex

I've been keeping in touch with the girls - Sophia Dunkley is running a daily quiz for everyone, which is actually brilliant.

Round one yesterday was 'who tweeted this?' where she went back through everyone's Twitter and found some properly dodgy, out-of-the-bank tweets from when most of us were at uni. They were very funny - and a bit embarrassing.

Sophie Ecclestone is very social and, with her partner going out for work, she's at home a lot and she does not cope too well.

She has been trying to get us all to get Fifa, so we can play with her, but myself and Tim all ended up doing circuit training with her and her boyfriend Craig on Monday night.

Rex, their dog, was misbehaving and trying to get involved. It turns out he's really scared of the medicine balls, so that made it interesting!

I'm not the best equipped to deal with lockdown, because I like getting out and about, but I'm trying to do what I can to stay active and stay mentally healthy, too.

I dusted down the old bike and I've been mass ordering warm cycling clothes because I'm definitely a fair weather cyclist.

The first ride I went on, my feet were like icicles. I only go out when it's warm!

Volunteering for the NHS

I signed up to the NHS' volunteer scheme as I have a lot of free time on my hands and I want to help as much as I can.

My brother and his partner are doctors, and I have a few friends who work in the NHS, so I know how hard they are working and how difficult it is for everyone.

Standing on our doorstep, joining in the #ClapForCarers was incredible, and getting involved and volunteering will help even more.

I'm going to get the car out as I've volunteered to transport medicine, and also speak to people who are self-isolating. If someone is home alone, you can ring them up and chat. They have had so many people sign up.

My brother works in research. He has not been called back in yet but he's ready if he is needed.

One of my close friends, Elin, works on the ward at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, and I have been staying in touch with her to see how she is getting on.

She is having to make tough decisions, so we are trying to keep her positive. Our university friendship group have been sending her throwback songs of the day to try and give her a moment to be happy and relax.

Winfield wedding

Before we left Australia, I went to Lauren Winfield's wedding on the Sunshine Coast.

It was a lovely wedding - she and Courtney were lucky with the weather, as it rained the entire time we were there apart from when they had their ceremony on the beach.

The beach is Lauren's dream place to be and it was such good timing. She is still out there, and we've been keeping in touch with her, and she is fit and well.

I had three weddings and two hen do's - one of which was Natalie and Katherine's - in the next two months, and they have all been cancelled because of the pandemic.

But I am so chuffed I was able to be there for Lauren and Courtney and that we were all able to celebrate and be together on such a happy day.

Heather Knight was speaking to BBC Sport's Amy Lofthouse.

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