Majid Haq: Former Scotland cricket captain on his coronavirus experience

By Kheredine IdessaneBBC Scotland
Majid Haq
Majid Haq says it is a "wait and see game" after contracting coronavirus, but believes he is "past the worst of it"

"It doesn't discriminate against your age or gender, how fit or unfit you are, it can happen to anyone - everyone has to be extra vigilant."

Those are the words of warning from 37-year-old former Scotland cricket captain Majid Haq, who has been in hospital for several days having tested positive for coronavirus.

Upon returning home to Paisley from London two weeks ago, Haq found he had a high temperature and pains throughout his body.

Despite self-isolating for a week, his condition did not improve so he phoned an ambulance and has been in hospital since, using an oxygen mask to help with breathing difficulties.

"You really struggle to breathe, that's the worst thing," he told BBC Scotland.

"I'm feeling slightly better though and fingers crossed I can make a full recovery in the next couple of weeks. I'm hopefully past the worst of it. There's a lot of uncertainty around it."

Having been admitted five days ago, Haq hopes to be able to return home on Monday or Tuesday after almost a week in the Royal Alexandria Hospital.

He has applauded the "brilliant" nurses and staff who he says have given him as much "hands-on" treatment as possible.

"I'm really happy with how they've treated me," said the off-spinner, who played 54 ODIs and 24 T20s for Scotland between 2006 and 2015.

"Even though it's a new virus and they could have been a bit weary, they've been really hands-on which has been great."

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