England win Cricket World Cup: Did Jofra Archer predict most nail-biting match in history?

A few months ago the World Cup wasn't even on the radar of England's new bowling star Jofra Archer. The Barbados-born paceman wasn't eligible to play.

But on Sunday, the 24-year-old found himself charged with the responsibility of bowling a super over in the World Cup final for England against New Zealand at Lord's.

Yet he might just have predicted it all. In true Nostradamus style.

The bowler's old tweets seemed to foresee the dramatic events we witnessed on Sunday - as England won after the most thrilling climax - with spooky accuracy.

First of all, he knew that one day he would be part of the England side way back in early 2014, when he was just 18 years old....

Jofra Archer tweet from January 2014 saying "Don't worry England I'm soon here"Jofra Archer tweet from February 2014 saying "Would fit right into that England pace attack."

He also knew that, one day, England would send the nation into a nervous frenzy as the drama unfolded at Lord's...

Jofra Archer tweet from August 2014 saying "England are you trying to give me a heart attack?"

We know how you feel, Jofra!

A year later, the then 19-year-old even knew what was coming - predicting a super over.

Jofra Archer tweet from July 2015 saying "Wouldn't mind a super over"Jofra Archer tweet from July 2015 saying "super over" followed by six smiling emojis

A six-week World Cup came down to this.

New Zealand had to score 16 from six balls to win the tournament. Did Jofra know that all along? This tweet from 2013 is again uncanny...

Jofra Archer tweet from April 2013 saying "16 from 6".

Playing in just his 14th international match, Archer was the one chosen by England captain Eoin Morgan to bowl the crucial six balls.

Archer looked calm and composed while the rest of us were shaking, too nervous to function normally.

Again, it was one of the bowler's old tweets that told it best...

Jofra Archer tweet from July 2015 saying "ever been so scared that you were short of words?"

England sent out Stokes and Buttler to bat. Lord's roared in anticipation.

The duo stayed calm. They hit two boundaries on their way to posting 15-0 from their six balls.

The drama had everyone gripped. Cricket was gaining new fans. For others it was too much...

A text to BBC Sport from Ali in Edinburgh saying "I might just be a cricket convert."Tweet to BBC Sport saying "I may be crying, the nerves are getting to me."

After all that had gone before, the final over was never going to be easy.

A wide from Archer increased the English doubts and made the Kiwis believe. Then a huge six from batsman Jimmy Neesham. Was it going to be agony for England?

Tweet to BBC Sport from Tim in Glasgow saying "I feel sick".

But Archer wasn't done yet and neither were England. He corrected his lines.

New Zealand needed two to win from the final ball. One run would not be enough for them.

Archer bowled full. Batsman Martin Guptill pushed into the deep. Lord's held its breath. The batsmen turned for the second run. This is it. Here comes the throw. GONE!

Ecstasy for England!

Tweets to BBC Sport saying "Yes. get in there England" and "what a game. What a way to finish a World Cup."

Even the most experienced of players, and cricket lovers who thought they had seen it all before, did not know what to do.

Laugh, cheer or cry? Maybe all three at once.

Graeme Swann tweet saying "I can’t remember feeling more excited about the day ahead since I got my blue bmx for Christmas when I was four. To be at Lord's watching the most exciting England team ever tussle with the Black Caps for the World Cup will be incredible! good luck lads!"Stephen Fry tweet saying "The Greatest Match. I feel for New Zealand who played so so well. Luck went England’s way, but what a great side they are. I feel sorry for those who don’t get cricket. They miss the most exquisite feelings of joy, agony, tension, thrill, surprise, glory and wonder."Michael Owen tweet saying "I’ve seen some sporting drama over the years and that was right up there with the best. Absolutely brilliant. Well done Eoin Morgan and all the England team. What a tournament."Wayne Rooney tweet saying "Congratulations to England on winning the World Cup. What a final. Brilliant lads"

For New Zealand, though, it was the agony of defeat in one of the most painful ways possible.

Again, Archer had predicted - in 2014 - how the Blackcaps would feel....

Jofra Archer tweet from March 2014 saying "How have New Zealand lost this game?"Jofra Archer tweet from March 2014 saying "New Zealand" with a sad face emoji

Let's rewind - how did we get to the super over?

It was the most incredible finish cricket - perhaps all sport - has ever seen. And it concluded a match that had absolutely everything.

It had us all gripped, nervously watching through our hands or from behind sofas with hearts thumping in our chests.

Nerves were jangling throughout the day as England edged closer and closer to their target of 242, which looked so distant when England slipped to 86-4.

Tweet to BBC Sport with picture of the back of a sofa with caption "The back of my sofa as we speak - can I look up yet?

A truly remarkable ending took its first twist when, in the penultimate over, key England batsman Stokes was caught on the boundary by Trent Boult - but there was a 'catch'.

Boult had inadvertently stepped on the boundary rope when grasping the ball. That meant, rather than Stokes having to slump back to the famous Lord's pavilion, six more runs were added to England's total and Stokes survived.

'My heart is jumping out of my chest'

England needed 15 from the final over to win. For Stokes, this was his chance of redemption. He has had difficult times on and off the field in recent years.

In 2016 he was the bowler hit for four sixes by Carlos Brathwaite in the final over of the World Twenty20 final as West Indies beat England. Sunday's final also came 11 months to the day since he was cleared of affray in court.

Stuart Broad tweet saying "Is this a Ben Stokes remember the name' moment? I hope so.Tweet from Phil Williams saying "It's all on Ben Stokes. My heart's jumping out of my chest. Six balls to win the World Cup."

From the third ball of the final over, the all-rounder sent Lord's into delirium. He swept fast bowler Boult into the stands for six more. England needed nine from three balls.

Stokes then flicked two into the deep. It didn't look like being enough but as the throw came in, the ball hit the bat of the diving Stokes and deflected to the boundary.

It was the strangest of six runs, unlike any Lord's had seen. Unlike anything cricket had ever seen.

Perhaps, BBC Sport reader Adam summed it up best...

Tweet to BBC Sport from Adam saying "have you ever seen anything like it?"

'Oh great. Penalties!'

But despite those runs, two run-outs came next.

Nobody could believe it. After 100 overs, the teams could not be separated. The match was tied. A super over - the best of six balls - was needed to decide who would take home the trophy.

While journalists up and down the land checked the specific rules, fans drew parallels with some of English sport's other nail-biting moments.

Tweet to BBC Sport from Matt Crosby saying "oh great. Penalties."

At the same time, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic were battling it out in a final-set tie-break across London. The way both events built to simultaneous crescendos was impressive.

Wimbledon tweet saying to ICC "Hello. How are you coping your end?" With ICC replying "Things a bit hectic here right now, we'll get back to you."

It was as if the sporting gods - and Archer - had planned it all along.

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