Cricket World Cup: Eoin Morgan's record-breaking hundred and #PrayforRichard

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Three sixes in an over take Morgan to his hundred

A terrible prediction or inspired motivation?

England captain Eoin Morgan broke the record for most sixes in a one-day international innings during England's World Cup win over Afghanistan, but it was a text from a BBC Sport reader that caused a stir on social media.

When England were 199-2 after 35 overs, with Morgan 26 not out, 'Richard in London' got in touch to give his thoughts on England's batting.

He said their patient approach was "precisely" why they would not win the World Cup. Hmmm.

Text message from Richard in London: England will win this game. But this game is precisely why they won't win the World Cup. Over the last two years, we would have kept attacking and easily gone past 380 and likely 400. But get to a World Cup and we start to play by statistics, and we will get no more than 320. I just don't understand the English mentality. We were number one for a reason.

Initially, Richard's text was greeted with a mixed response. Some agreed, the majority did not...


Alex Butler, London: Hopefully Eoin's got his phone in his pocket to check the BBC live text at the end of each over - and just came across Richard's text.

George in London: Re: Richard - I completely disagree. England have played a sensible, well timed innings, adapting to both the conditions and the pitch. I bet you a pint we get 360.


With every six that Morgan struck, Richard's comments were made to appear a little more rash.


Ian Elmer: I think Richard might have gone for a long lie down in a darkened room...

John Kirby: Richard 12:51 is my favourite bible reading.

Edward Pinches: This really hasn't aged well #ohrichard.

Beth in Oxford: Richard, quick question: what would you give for a time machine right about now?


As Morgan smashed his way to a blistering century from just 57 balls, concern grew for Richard...


Nathan from Sheffield: Can someone check Richard is OK?

Concerned in Bristol: Richard? Richard? Has anyone seen Richard??

Ian, Essex: #PrayforRichard.


Morgan was eventually out for 148 from 71 balls. He hit 17 sixes - a record in an ODI.

By then, England fans had begun to wonder if the team could take advantage of Richard's motivational abilities.


Neil Leverett: Re: Richard, 12.51. I think England read that text in the dressing room.

Andy du Frain: Richard's development from crushing pessimist to world leading motivator has been an outstanding sub plot to today's game. Good to see even the most reviled villains can turn it around.


In fact, so great was his impact that some readers even suggested a management position.


Banger, Newbury: Richard to be appointed the successor to Trevor Bayliss? Clearly the man for the job!

Adam from Exmouth: Surely Richard from London must be a shoo in to replace Colin Graves as the chairman of the ECB?


Despite the loss of late wickets, England finished with 397-6, their highest total in a World Cup.


Ashic: I can't believe that England failed to make 400. Richard must be livid.

A different Richard in London: You have to ask whether this match will be remembered more for Morgan's record-breaking 148 or Richard's infamous 12:51 text.


We would have forgiven Richard for keeping a low profile, but he bravely got back in touch.

"For my earlier and clear motivational message, let me say three words to Eoin Morgan.... You. Are. Welcome. I am taking full credit," he said.

Better luck next time, Richard.

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Two quickfire sixes from Moeen give England the record for most sixes is an ODI innings

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