India vs Pakistan: Cricket World Cup pictures from Manchester

The biggest match of the World Cup so far is under way at Old Trafford between great rivals India and Pakistan.

You can follow our live text commentary, featuring video clips from the match.

Here are some of the best pictures from the build-up to the match, which attracted more than 700,000 ticket requests.

Pakistan fans
Pakistan fans made sure there was plenty of green and white amid the sea of blue at Old Trafford
Both sets of supporters
No half-and-half scarves in evidence but fans of both teams arrived together
India and Pakistan supporters
There were not many supporters without a flag
India fans inside the ground at Old Trafford
India fans added to the atmosphere inside the Old Trafford stadium with their array of instruments
India fans inside the ground at Old Trafford
BBC reporter Amy Lofthouse captures the atmosphere just before the start of play
Pakistan supporters
Pakistan supporters remained in good spirits despite there being no early India wickets to cheer
India fans inside the ground at Old Trafford
There were plenty of homemade signs to attract the attention of the cameras
India fans inside the ground at Old Trafford
As always there was plenty of passion on display for the big match
Pakistan and India fans
This gentleman even broke out a watermelon for the occasion
Pakistan and India fans
It remained good natured even when the match began
Divided loyalties
There were divided loyalties, though - even in the same household
India fans inside the ground at Old Trafford
Some went for clothing that both demonstrated allegiance and combated the Manchester weather, which stayed dry to start with
A Pakistan supporter arrives in style
And finally, was this the best arrival to a cricket match ever? But where do you park your horse while the match is on?

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