Village side Dorchester-on-Thames score 40 off final over to earn improbable win

Dorchester score a boundary from the final over
Batsman Steve McComb says his arthritic ankle means he struggles to run between the wickets, so he prefers to deal in boundaries

A village cricket side scored 40 runs from the final over of a league match to secure the most unlikely of victories.

Needing 35 to win from the last six deliveries of their game against Swinbrook, Dorchester-on-Thames CC looked down and out in the Oxfordshire Cricket Association match.

Hosts Swinbrook had posted 240 from their 45 overs in the Division Four encounter.

With an over to go in Dorchester's reply, the visitors were on 206-7, with 54-year-old Steve McComb on strike against bowler Mihai Cucos.

The over began with a no-ball which was dispatched for six.

Ball two also went for six, effectively giving Dorchester 13 runs from one legitimate delivery.

Cucos responded with a yorker, from which McComb was unable to score.

Ball four (the third legitimate delivery) went for four and was then followed by another no-ball which also flew to the boundary for four.

The next two balls were flayed for six, leaving the scores level with one delivery to come.

Swinbrook brought the field in, but McComb advanced down the pitch to hit his fifth six of the over, winning the game and bringing up his own century.

How the final over unfolded
No-ball six
No-ball four

"It was an amazing end to the game," said McComb, who has played for Dorchester for 20 years.

"240 is a tough target to chase in our league and we never looked ahead of the rate.

"I had nothing to lose in the final over and the boundaries weren't huge, so I knew there was a slim chance.

"I've had an arthritic ankle for many years and I can't run very well between the wickets, as the lads constantly remind me, so I either try to score a boundary or hop for a single!

"When they brought the field in for the final ball I knew if I got bat on ball we'd be OK."

Fellow Dorchester batsman Richard Sharman, who was scoring at the time, added: "I got so excited the scorebook's a bit of a mess, but it was a pleasure to watch."

Scorecard shows final over of Dorchester game
The scorecard for the final few overs as Dorchester secured their incredible victory

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