Channel Islands Cricket League to return for new season

Cricket match in Jersey
Jersey and Guernsey have just run their own leagues since the Channel Islands League was axed five years ago

The Channel Islands Cricket League will be reinstated this summer to give players more variety of opposition.

The competition between sides in Jersey and Guernsey was scrapped in 2012 because of inter-island travel costs and too many one-sided encounters.

The Jersey Cricket Board (JCB) has confirmed it will return from June until August.

"We hope it's going to invigorate the game," said JCB chief executive Chris Minty.

"The clubs have now realised that their local domestic cricket is perhaps getting a bit samey and they're looking for other challenges and this presents that challenge.

"We've managed with some help from people in Guernsey to overcome, in part, the travel issues of going backwards and forwards."

Guernsey only has three sides - Griffins, Cobo and Wanderers - playing one-day cricket, while Jersey has four. However, a number of games have been called off in recent seasons because of a lack of players.

"It's no secret that in both islands' clubs have been struggling to put sides out for what we call longer games of cricket at the weekend," Minty told BBC Radio Jersey.

"We're hoping this is going to give people a new focus and some slightly different cricket against some slightly different opposition."