Channel Islands Cricket League poised for June return if sponsorship secured

Argyll Investment celebrate winning the title
Argyll Investment celebrate winning what was the final CI Cricket League title in 2012

The Channel Islands Cricket League is poised to return in June 2017 after a five-year absence, according to Guernsey chief executive Mark Latter.

The league was scrapped in 2012 after concerns over inter-island travel costs, and mismatches between teams.

Jersey and Guernsey want it reinstated, though a sponsor is needed to foot some of the £20,000 it will cost to run.

"We've settled on the format and clubs, and we understand our counterparts in Jersey are happy," Latter said.

"At the moment we're looking at scheduling fixtures in the last week of June and it would run through until August, with finals at the end of August and start of September."

Guernsey only has three sides - Griffins, Cobo and Wanderers - playing one-day cricket, while Jersey has four, but a number of games have been called off due to a lack of players.

James Perchard is leading the project in Jersey but has reservations over how the league, and particularly the travel involved, will be funded.

"I think cost is the big issue now - it's all about trying to attain a principal sponsor, and that'll really drive down the cost and make it affordable for the clubs," he told BBC Radio Jersey.

"I just think the added variety in opposition will really spice up the league, and be something that will make players want to play."

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