Two-day win over Herts win pleases Cambs captain

Paul McMahon
McMahon put on 49 and 12 not out against Herts

Cambridgeshire captain Paul McMahon hailed his side's showing in their MCCA Championship opener as they overcame a weather delay to beat Hertfordshire.

With rain preventing play on the first day, McMahon's men still managed to secure an 81-run victory.

"To only have two days play and still force a result, absolutely fantastic," he told BBC Radio Cambridgeshire.

Meanwhile Herts captain Andy Lewis surmised: "I don't think we had the big partnerships we needed."

Lewis, 34, added: "At the beginning of the day I had a chat with the captain Macca and it looked like there could be a game on."

Cambs recorded a first innings total of 229 all out at Bishop's Stortford and Herts replied by reaching 82 and declaring with only three wickets dropped.

To give the game a chance of reaching a positive result the two captains agreed Cambs would declare their second innings when they were 280 runs clear of the hosts.

"I think with the way things turned out I was always happy for us to be defending a target of 280 in 70 overs," said 28-year-old McMahon.

"I think it was a fair target, it was a pretty good wicket when it flattened out."