Glasgow 2014: Guernsey coach unhappy with Robilliard treatment

Kylie Robilliard

Guernsey athletics coach Dave Legg says a late change to the 100m hurdles heat Kylie Robilliard was to run in affected her Commonwealth Games performance.

Robilliard came last in heat three after stumbling over the final hurdle, but was originally drawn in heat two.

"She was in lane five in heat two originally, which would have been perfect for her," Legg said.

"But she was moved to lane two in heat three with one person alongside her and that would not have helped matters."

Robilliard was one place outside the final in Delhi four years ago, but the 26-year-old could only record a time of 14.20 seconds in her heat.

"She's obviously very disappointed," Legg told BBC Radio Guernsey.

"She was in extremely good condition when she warmed up before the race, she was looking very impressive.

"But things went wrong and that's typical of the race of hurdles.

"It was very naughty but they did alter the heats and didn't inform us.

"I think it's very wrong when they're so posh about their administration here they should have informed us about it."

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