Tommy Fury: Ricky Hatton and Frank Warren on boxer's Love Island appearance

By Matt DavisBBC Sport
Ricky Hatton
Ricky Hatton (right) is Tommy Fury's trainer

Former world champion Ricky Hatton says Tommy Fury's appearance on Love Island is "perfect timing" and that his fighter will "100%" continue with boxing after the reality dating show.

Hatton, the Mancunian's trainer, says his other boxers are all tuning in.

Light-heavyweight Fury, 20, has won both of his professional fights.

"When he first came training with me I told him, with his looks, he should be in Love Island and, with my looks, I could do Treasure Island," said Hatton.

Speaking to BBC Sport, the 40-year-old added: "I have to say I didn't used to watch Love Island but with Tommy in it now, me and the rest of the lads I train in the gym will be tuned in.

"I think he can win it from what I've seen so far."

He added: "I didn't need to give Tommy any advice about keeping fit. You can see from his physique that he looks after himself. I'm sure he will be doing some training while he's on the show - but he's incommunicado, so I don't know.

"Tommy will continue with his boxing. The sport goes quiet through the summer, so being on Love Island is perfect timing.

"It shouldn't affect his training too much. As soon as he gets back in the gym, we will be working on his next fight, but until then I've just got to see how he gets on.

"Rock on, Tommy. You can win this, son."

'Chance to step out of Tyson's shadow'

Tommy Fury
Tommy Fury admits he's talkative and "a bit lazy"

Love Island, a dating reality show set in a villa on the Spanish island of Majorca, is the most successful programme in ITV2's history.

Viewers saw Fury enter the villa on Monday and on Tuesday's show he chose to "couple up" with Lucie Donlan, who had been in a couple with Joe Garratt - that decision saw the boxer become the number one trend on Twitter.

His manager Frank Warren later jokedexternal-link on Twitter that Fury's record was now "3-0".

Warren says Fury's appearance on the show will help him "step out of the shadow" of older brother Tyson.

Former heavyweight world champion Tyson, 30, faces Germany's Tom Schwarz in Las Vegas on 15 June.

Warren also says Tommy's appearance on the show is "great for his profile" and will "bring a new generation" to the sport, but says the youngster should "not lose focus".

"He is going to step out of Tyson's shadow that's for sure as far as recognition is concerned," Warren told BBC Sport.

"The British public will certainly know who he is; it's been great for his profile.

"If he continues to box - and I hope he does - it will improve his profile, then he becomes more of an attraction, sells more tickets, there is more awareness about him and that is great for any promotion."

He added: "It's great for boxing. For me, anything that can get more eyeballs to boxing is brilliant for our sport. It seems like good fun, obviously a programme that is watched a lot by youngsters and brings a new generation to the sport."

Warren says the fighter did not ask his permission to go on the show, but said: "I wouldn't have complained about it. I said: 'No problem with us.'

"It is something he really fancied doing, so who am I to step in his way?"

He added: "To be fair, you only have to look at him and see he is always in tremendous condition. He's a kid who looks after himself. That will not be a problem for us."

Tommy, who has only had 12 amateur contests, beat Latvian Jevgenijs Andrejevs on points in his boxing debut at the Manchester Arena on 22 December. He then knocked out fellow Briton Callum Ide one minute and 34 seconds into the first round of their fight in March.

"He has told me categorically, when I have spoken to him, that he wants to be a boxer," said Warren. "He has a good future ahead of him.

"Ricky [Hatton - Tommy's trainer] and I have had discussions; it is a long-term project. He has had limited amateur experience and that is what we are working on.

"For him now, he needs to get this Love Island stuff out of way and then, if he wants to continue boxing, get down to the serious business of what it is all about, which is putting your heart and soul into boxing.

"The key is: Don't lose focus and don't believe in the hype. Once the bell goes and you're in that ring and everybody has walked down the steps, you're on your own."

Warren says Tommy is "very personable" and people will see the renowned Fury humour as "they are all natural born comedians" but he has not spoken to Tyson about the show as he is in a training camp.

And in a TV show famous for arguing and rows and people stealing each other's partners, he doesn't think Tommy will have any problems with other contestants.

"Boxers are very disciplined," Warren said. "They are in a ring throwing punches at each other. Suddenly the bell goes and you stop. That is tremendous discipline, so it will not be a worry for him. Having said that, I wouldn't want to try to pinch his girlfriend.

"I hope he wins and Tyson wins."