Nicola Adams: Olympic champion says women should be able to chase dreams

Could Nicola Adams headline Las Vegas?

Two-time Olympic champion Nicola Adams says she does not mind objections to women boxing - as long as they are allowed to achieve their dreams.

The flyweight, 34, said she was determined to change people's perception of her sport.

Adams told BBC Sport she had already changed promoter Frank Warren's mind.

"He said seeing me compete in the Games, he wanted to sign me as a professional," she said. "Hopefully I can change more people's minds."

Adams was interviewed on ITV's Good Morning Britain on Wednesday.

Beforehand, presenter Piers Morgan tweetedexternal-link he did not like watching women punch each other.

Speaking to the BBC later, Adams said: "I don't mind if you don't watch it. I don't mind if you don't like it, just as long as you don't stop the women and girls who want to compete in boxing from achieving their goals and their dreams and becoming Olympic champions like me.

"I've grown up alongside this my whole life during my career in boxing but it's sometimes nice to be able to change someone's perception about women's boxing."

Adams is aiming to secure a world title fight in 2018 after making her professional debut in Manchester on 8 April.

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