Nick Blackwell still in coma but 'not deteriorating', says family

Nick Blackwell
Blackwell was dominated by Eubank Jr and had his nose bloodied in the early rounds

Boxer Nick Blackwell remains in an induced coma but is "not deteriorating" following his British middleweight title defeat by Chris Eubank Jr.

Blackwell was found to have a small bleed on the brain after Saturday's fight was stopped in round 10.

A family spokesman told BBC Sport the 25-year-old is "heavily sedated" but could be brought round on Tuesday.

The beaten champion was taken from the ring on a stretcher, while receiving oxygen.

Referee Victor Loughlin stopped Saturday's fight on the advice of the ringside doctor, who said Blackwell was unable to continue because of swelling over his left eye.

The British Board of Boxing Control said it is satisfied with how the bout was handled after suggestions from Eubank Jr's camp and some pundits that the fight should have been stopped sooner.

At the end of the eighth round, Chris Eubank Sr - a former world champion - told his son to aim his shots at Blackwell's body rather than his head.

It is unclear whether his instructions were tactical or designed to protect the defending champion from further harm.

Eubank Jr said after the fight: "I hit him with some big shots. Maybe the referee should have stopped the fight earlier."

Michael Watson, who suffered brain damage after a 1991 fight with Chris Eubank Sr, told the Telegraph he had experienced "a real sense of deja vu".

Watson, 51, spent 40 days in a coma and had six brain operations, leaving him with irreparable brain damage and partially paralysed.