Klitschko responsible for killing boxing - David Haye

Britain's David Haye has continued the war of words with Wladimir Klitschko, criticising his opponent's fighting style and blaming him for "killing" the heavyweight division.

Haye will face Klitschko at the Imtech Arena in Germany on 2 July.

"I believe Wladimir Klitschko is solely responsible for killing the heavyweight division," said Haye at a news conference in London on Tuesday.

"He is manufactured and boring, that is why he needs to be eradicated."

But Klitschko hit back, vowing to knock out Haye when the pair meet in the ring.

"It will be an enjoyable night for me," said Klitschko, who has 49 knockouts from 58 fights.

"He has called me a bum, but he will be number 50 on the KO list."

It was the second news conference in two days for the pair as they work to promote a bout that will go some way towards unifying the world heavyweight title.

Haye, the WBA title holder, used the first news conference on Monday in Germany to label IBF and WBO champion Klitschko a "fraud" and the 30-year-old continued his tirade in London on Tuesday.

"We had our first public face-to-face on Monday and people said I was subdued," said Haye.

"It's unlike me, but the reason for this is because I am concentrating all my efforts on training so I can beat him conclusively and explosively.

"This could potentially be my last fight and I want to be superhuman on the night and make sure all the i's are dotted and t's are crossed. I want to be in perfect shape."

Klitschko accused Haye of lacking respect on Monday and the Londoner was in no mood to change the Ukrainian's opinion, again refusing to shake his opponent's hand during Tuesday's news conference.

"Maybe I don't have respect or class: we are two animals, two dogs in a fight, I'm a dog you can't control. I am a prime fighting machine," said Haye.

"He made some joke about my Twitter page... he's trying to come up with jokes and his personality is exactly how he fights - boring.

"That is exactly why he needs to be eradicated from the heavyweight division.

"Jab, jab, grab. Jab, jab, grab - that's all he does. On fight night his circuits will be blown.

"He's too slow, he's coming to a gun fight unarmed and he is going to get destroyed."

But 35-year-old Klitschko, who has lost three times in 58 fights, countered: "I will show you that you are no different to the other 49 people I have knocked out."