The week's eight best #bodypositive stories

#DontHitSnooze Top Eight Takeover

Wondering what's been going on this week? Wonder no more! Here at BodyPositive HQ we've scoured the web for the best BodyPositive gossip, so you don't need to miss a thing.

This week we're featuring stories related to #DontHitSnooze - our campaign to get people up and going in the mornings.

Did you know that hitting the snooze button resets your body clock? Why not get up early and check out one or two stories from our Top Eight instead...

1. It's all very well us telling you not to hit your snooze button, but what if you can't sleep at all? The Guardianexternal-link spoke to people who beat insomnia - there are some great tips that might help you if you're unable to catch those zzzs!

2. Football fans have been having a few sleepless night over the Euros these past few weeks. It's not all bad news though, as Ireland fans have been showing France their best side - this story from The Telegraphexternal-link shows them serenading a baby with lullabies. Would it get us to sleep? Perhaps not. Is it sweet? Yes, and it certainly made us feel #bodypositive.

3. Ever wondered when Maya Angelou, Sigmund Freud and Marina Abramović called it a day? It might not be when you think - this infographic from Fast Companyexternal-link thoroughly debunks the myth of great geniuses burning the midnight oil. Except F. Scott Fitzgerald and Balzac...

4. Next: if, like F. Scott Fitzgerald, you're a tad sleep deprived, you might not even notice. Finding yourself feeling less than #bodypositive? Cosmoexternal-link has some tips on how to work out when you need a nap.

5. Everyone knows that sleep's essential by now, don't they? We agree with The Poolexternal-link on this one, but we're not quite sure the word's out about not hitting the snooze button yet...

6. ...which is why if you haven't read this article by the Huffington Postexternal-link yet, you might want to take a look. It's not new news that consistently being inconsistent with your wake up times isn't the best!

7. But perhaps your sleep schedule is built into your DNA? This fascinating video from Vox on YouTubeexternal-link explores the facts - if you're still hitting snooze, perhaps you can blame your genes!

8. This week sleep is what we're all about - but we're not the only ones advocating a snooze-free morning. This article on Mottoexternal-link hints that the need to snooze might indicate bigger sleep problems - and has some great hints and tips on how to squash the snooze habit.

And from us? Well, a special favourite from #DontHitSnooze is our report on Radio 1 DJ Adele Robert's double morning routine - did you know she has two sleeps a day?

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