Boston Red Sox beat Houston Astros after fan interferes with catch

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MLB: Astros fans cost their team dearly after interfering with play

The Houston Astros lost a crucial game to the Boston Red Sox after a fan was deemed to have interfered with play.

Officials decided that an Astros fan in the crowd, who tried to catch the ball, had stopped Red Sox fielder Mookie Betts from catching it.

The decision cost Jose Altuve a two-run home run in a game they eventually lost 8-6.

"What would you do as a fan? I would do the same," Altuve said after his side's defeat.

The officials in Wednesday's game had originally ruled in favour of the Red Sox, deciding that Altuve was out as a result of fan interference when Betts' glove reached over the back wall and into the front row of spectators.

After protests from Astros manager AJ Hinch, the decision went for an umpire review - but following further video analysis which lasted more than three minutes, the decision was upheld.

Halfway through the game, the fan in question told the Houston Chronicle: "I'm going to need security to escort me out of here if the Astros don't come back to win this."

The Red Sox lead the best-of-seven American League Championship Series against the Astros 3-1.

The winners of the series will play the winner of the National League Championship Series in baseball's World Series.