Rio 2016: Kirsty Gilmour prepared to compete despite Zika concerns

By Jane LewisBBC Scotland
Kirsty Gilmour
Kirsty Gilmour won a silver medal at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games

Badminton player Kirsty Gilmour would be happy to compete in this summer's Olympics despite concerns surrounding the Zika virus in Rio.

Golfer Rory McIlroy has announced he has decided not to go to this summer's Games.

Gilmour, who has qualified for the Games but has not yet been confirmed in the British team, says all the athletes have been given plenty of advice.

"Of course we've had some information about it," said Scot Gilmour, 22.

"But the BOA [British Olympic Association] has just assured us that we're going to have all the necessary precautions and we're really taking it quite seriously.

"It's up to you what you take from it and I trust in the BOA's measures. They've prepared us quite well and my individual decision is to go."

The mosquito-borne virus has been linked to brain defects in newborn babies.

Commonwealth silver medallist Gilmour says athletes have been given sprays, repellents and tips on appropriate clothing.

Despite her decision, world number 15 Gilmour understands McIlroy's stance on the matter.

"I can see both sides, people have different priorities and I'm not saying that Rory's sport is not his priority at all, but of course family matters have to come into it for a lot of people," added Gilmour.

"I completely respect people's decisions either way."