History of the Winter Olympics: Documentary trail

Thursday, 30 January: Dan Snow's History of the Winter Olympics, BBC Two 21:00 GMT

Historian Dan Snow looks back at 90 years of the Winter Olympics in a documentary to be broadcast on BBC Two, showing how the political upheaval of the 20th and 21st centuries have impacted on the Games.

Dan embarks on an epic journey across nine countries, meeting some of the key people who helped shape the Games.

He tells the disturbing story of the Winters in Nazi Germany (1936), the tense rivalry between East and West during the Cold War ending with the Miracle on Ice - the 1980 men's ice hockey match between USA and the USSR - and the unforgettable, emotional Olympics in Sarajevo.

Sarajevo was a city that in 1984 chimed to the music of Bolero; Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean reminisce about their performance as if it was "a dream". Just eight years later, most of the Olympic sites were destroyed during the civil war.

Dan completes his journey in the little-known Swiss village of Murren where the blue riband event of the Winter Olympics, alpine skiing, was first organised by a British man, Arnold Lunn. Did the British really invent the Winter Olympics? Not quite, but it is true that they played an extraordinary role.

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