Wales at the Olympics: Hugh 'Jumbo' Edwards

In the first of a three-part documentary, Eddie Butler takes us back to the birth of the modern Olympic Games to find Wales' original Olympic heroes.

Were the early Olympics just for the gentlemen of the upper classes or were they open to everyone? What happened to the amateur ethos? Who was the aristocratic Prime Minister's grandson who won Wales' first gold? Which Welshman learned to swim in Cardiff docks and went on to become our greatest ever Olympian?

In this clip from the programme, Butler follows the story of Hugh 'Jumbo' Edwards, who won two gold medals at the 1932 Olympic Games in Los Angeles.

Wales at the Olympics; BBC One Wales, Tuesday, 3 July, 22:35 BST. The show will be available for seven days on BBC iPlayer and look out for episode two on Tuesday 10 July with episode three the following week.