FA People's Cup: Walking football has revived Milner's passion

Jan Milner loved playing football for Doncaster Belles.

"It just blew me away with the friendships," she says. "I came to 'Donny' and I never moved back to Selby. It changed my whole life."

But 16 operations on her left knee brought Milner's career to an early end, which had a massive impact on her life.

However the invention of walking football has seen Milner return to the game she loves, and her smile is back.

"I'm just so very, very privileged to be part of the revolution. Your life is just so enriched if you're involved in football," she says.

If you fancy trying walking football, or any type of football, have a look at our guide.

To watch the highlights from the first round of the FA People's Cup click here and we'll have live text commentary of the semi-finals of the FA People's Cup on 27-28 February on this website.

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