Andy Akinwolere wants to teach the world to swim

Four years ago TV presenter Andy Akinwolere set a new world record for the deepest location open water swim, by swimming across the Palau trench in the Pacific Ocean.

10 weeks before undertaking this challenge, Andy could not swim or even tread water.

Having learnt to swim he came up with the Swim Dem Crew Swim Challenge 2015. Andy wanted to challenge swimming stereotypes, but more importantly, he was interested in creating a way of attracting people who would not normally swim to take on the challenge of their lives.

He took a group of novice and non-swimmers of various ages, ethnicities and body types on a journey, giving them five months to learn to swim efficiently.

Those strong enough, and more importantly those feeling bold enough, would attempt to swim a mile in open water for The Great North Swim.

Use this guide to find a way to get yourself in the pool and into swimming.

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