Get Inspired: Footy Pups comes to the FA People's Cup

Rachel Yankey, one of England's most capped footballers, joins forces with the best-known voice in football, John Motson, and some energetic young helpers for Footy Pups.

Starting Monday 25 May at 4.30pm with episode one, this innovative new CBeebies show will delight parents and children as Rachel and five animated Footy Pups encourage a new generation of sports stars.

Focusing on the nation's favourite game - football - she'll be putting the fun back into kids' football and celebrating a game that's all about passing, thinking, developing skills and playing as a team.

Rozzie Rover - Winger: Rozzie the Dalmatian knocks spots off the opposition. She has a nose for trouble (and for delicious doggy treats).

Benny Barkham - striker. Benny's a loyal golden Labrador whose star skill is chasing balls (and his tail), and when the team are in trouble, you can always rely on him to come up with a puppy plan.

Geraldine Growlville - Defender. This plucky little chihuahua wins the ball every time with signature moves like her double back-flip.

Rex Dogden - Midfield. Rex the Poodle dribbles like the ball is glued to his feet, but he can't resist a good roll in a muddy puddle.

Pickles Kennelworth - goalie. Very little gets past Pickles the Bulldog when he's in goal - unless he's been distracted by a juicy bone that is.