Mark Webber says new F1 regulations will suit Vettel

Mark Webber says Formula 1's new regulations in 2014 will be "perfect" for four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel to continue his dominance of the sport.

The Australian believes Red Bull Racing will once again be "strong favourites" at the start of the season, and says the proposed technical changes are "right up the alley" of his former team-mate.

In 2014, Formula 1 cars will have turbo-charged engines for the first time since 1988 and these will be fitted with extensive energy-recovery systems. A series of aerodynamic changes have also been introduced which will prevent Red Bull exploiting some of the areas in which they have excelled.

Webber made his debut in 2002 for Minardi and also drove for Jaguar and Williams before spending a "special" last six season of his career with Red Bull Racing.

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