#BBCtrending Sport: Boxing Day truce for footie fans?

This video is a pilot for a possible show we are developing, devoted to football and social media.

Football fans are some of the most passionate, active and opinionated people on Twitter. They love to talk up their team and rubbish their opponents in the run up to the big game.

But should they give it a rest at Christmas, putting their smartphones down to concentrate on a special family day?

It might prove hard for many, when Boxing Day fixtures are seen as an important part of the football calendar. On 26 December 2013, the fixture threw up Liverpool v. Manchester City, a crunch match between two genuine title contenders.

#BBCtrending Sport spoke to a fan from each team to hear their views on the conundrum.

Presented by Adam Blenford; Produced by Dougal Shaw.

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Archive footage courtesy of British Pathe

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