Dale Woolmer was flying when he heard his father’s death had been declared as murder.

Bob Woolmer’s son says he was flying when he discovered Jamaican police had declared his father’s death a murder.

The Pakistan coach was found unconscious in his hotel room in Jamaica and was pronounced dead soon after arriving at Kingston hospital on the morning of Sunday, 18 March 2007.

Three nights after Woolmer died, Jamaican police announced they were treating his death as suspicious. Two nights after that, they declared it was murder.

Dale Woolmer said: “I found out it was murder on the aeroplane.

“On the BBC News as it scrolled across ‘Breaking news: Murder at the World Cup’ - or whatever title they had chosen to use at the time - that’s how I discovered it was murder.”

Three months later police did an about-turn and stated they believed the coach had died of natural causes.

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