Conlan targets world title fight at Casement

Belfast boxer Michael Conlan says fighting for a world title at a newly redeveloped Casement Park would be 'the pinnacle' of his career.

The world amateur champion and 2012 Olympic bronze medallist was in Belfast on Friday to announce plans for what he hopes will be a successful career in the professional ranks and hopes to be fighting for a world title "by the end of year two".

"I believe I have the ability and I know have the best team, so I don't see any reasons why not."

Conlan's first professional fight will be in Madison Square Garden, New York on St Patrick's Day 2017, but the 24-year-old is hoping he may be able to fight for a world title in Belfast when the home of Antrim GAA is redeveloped.

"I saw the details of the new one and what it's going to look like and it looks unbelievable.

"If I can fight there, either for a world title or defending a world title, that would be the pinnacle. A dream come true."

President of Top Rank Tom DuBoef is confident Conlan will make a major impact in the professional ranks.

"He [Conlan] has great ability and marketability.

"We have an incredible Irish community and he's going to resonate with them and he's got all the skills set.

"It'll just be a matter of time to get that professional style under his belt and he'll do probably multiple world titles."

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