The no make-up selfie with a difference

Amy Elsegood is a dental nurse from North Yorkshire in her early 20s, and was born with a port-wine birthmark on her face which she covers with make-up.

One day she joined in the no make-up selfie trend on social media and created waves with her honesty and bravery. As a result of her selfie, many other women from across the world found the confidence to post their own no make-up selfies.

Special make-up to cover up her birthmark was given to her by the NHS who gave advice and support as she approached her teens. Since then she has perfected her look.

Amy now encourages other young women with birthmarks to post their make-up free selfies and also gives make-up hints and tips to advise people on what products are best should they want to wear make-up to cover up their birthmarks. You can find out more about Amy and read her advice on her blog.

Amy Elsegood is bodypositive, and this is her story.

Have you been affected by this article? If you're interested in using makeup to cover birth marks or other disfigurements, the Skin Camouflage Service might be able to help you - it's a free service run by volunteers across the country, which can offer waterproof skin camouflage products on prescription from your GP and help you learn how to use them.

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