Justin Gatlin: Michael Johnson & Steve Cram hit back at bias claim

Former Olympic champion Michael Johnson has defended his criticism of Justin Gatlin following complaints from Renaldo Nehemiah, the sprinter's agent.

Nehemiah told the BBC that Gatlin, who has served two drugs bans, "needs to be recognised as a human being" and should not have to "bear the brunt" of criticisms about doping.

He also accused Johnson and Steve Cram of bias against Gatlin during their BBC commentary when Usain Bolt beat the American in the 100m the World Championships in Beijing on Sunday.

However, Johnson insisted: "This is all Justin's fault... he did it, he was responsible, he was given the opportunity to come back into the sport and he has done nothing - zero - to endear himself back to the public and to get people to understand his situation.

"He hasn't even said 'I'm against doping in the sport'.

"What Renaldo doesn't understand is that Justin damaged the sport, it's hard for us to forgive that."

Commentator Cram, the former World Championship 1,500m gold medallist, said Bolt "saved the sport" with his victory over Gatlin.

"That comment was not about Justin Gatlin," Cram said. "The whole sport needed its hero to win and the one thing Justin Gatlin probably can never be is a hero.

"Bolt is popular because of his lack of arrogance, Gatlin has been unpopular because of his lack of contrition."