Murray Walker - Life in the Fast Lane

Sunday 5 June, 8pm BST, BBC Two. (Not available in iPlayer because of rights restrictions)

Very few figures in broadcasting embody their sport, but Murray Walker is the exception to that rule.

His dramatic, excitable voice defined a golden era of Formula One and enthralled viewers across the globe.

Murray Walker: Life in the Fast Lane is an intimate portrait of one the nation's treasures, and the inspiring tale of a man who, at the age of nearly 90, continues to break the mould.

This documentary accompanies the indefatigable Walker as he travels to Australia for the opening F1 of the season, reliving his tank commander past and riding classic scramble bikes.

The programme also delves deep into the archive to bring back to life some of Murray's most sensational moments in motorsport and beyond.

With contributions from Nigel Mansell, Damon Hill, Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button.

Walker stepped away from the microphone 10 years ago. Former co-commentator Martin Brundle now leads the BBC's coverage with David Coulthard and Jake Humphrey.

"For people now to compare every F1 commentator and every F1 presenter against Murray Walker makes people like me have a very difficult life," says Humphrey. "You're always compared to someone as special as that."

Coulthard, who stepped into the commentary box in 2011, adds: "It's that ability for Murray to bring sincere emotion to the viewer which has made him universally liked.

"If I had to pick a man to spend several years on a desert island with, then Murray would be a great companion."

Brundle, who worked with Walker and has now taken on the role of lead commentator, agrees there is no-one who compares to Walker.

"He was so engrossed in his commentary that I felt sure that if I tiptoed out of the commentary box and went home he wouldn't notice until the end of the race," says Brundle.

"I don't think I'm stepping into Murray Walker's shoes because they broke the mould when Murray was born. There won't be another Murray Walker, so stop looking."

Murray Walker: Life in the Fast Lane will be broadcast on BBC TWO on Sunday 5 June at 2000 BST. It will not be available on the iPlayer.

For more Murray, look out for his regular features on the BBC Sport website.

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