Dame Kelly Holmes shares experience of Covid-19 after testing positive

Kelly Holmes holds up the Union Jack after winning double Olympic gold at the 2004 Athens Games
Dame Kelly Holmes retired from athletics in 2005

British double Olympic champion Dame Kelly Holmes says she has tested positive for Covid-19.

Holmes, who won 800m and 1500m gold at the 2004 Athens Games, detailed her symptoms in an Instagram post and said she has been left drained by the virus.

"Smiles one day, the next day Covid," said Holmes, who retired from athletics in 2005, on social media.external-link

She added she has "officially been corona(ed)" and has "never laid down so long".

Holmes, 50, says she caught the virus while filming in Kent, having returned from holiday in Cyprus on 20 October.

She has been updating the post with how her symptoms have progressed each day.

"Day 1 - sore throat, bad headaches," she said.

"Day 2 - above + aching body, tight chest.

"Day 3 - above worse + test.

"Day 4 - bad headaches, lost smell.

"Day 5 - above, positive result plus loss of taste.

"Day 6 - drained, tight chest, headaches. Really dizzy.

"Day 7 - headaches, dizzy, tired, slight cough, still no taste or smell."

She added: "You know you have coronavirus when toothpaste, stilton cheese, peanut butter and Marmite all taste the same - like nothing."

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