Callum Hawkins suggests marathon rule change to save suffering runners

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Scotland's Hawkins collapses in marathon

Callum Hawkins says there needs to be a rule change to avoid a repeat of his Commonwealth Games pain.

The Scot, 25, was leading the men's marathon when he collapsed just over a mile before the finish line after succumbing to the hot conditions.

He had to wait several minutes for treatment at the roadside but had twice refused help.

"It's the athlete instinct to keep going, especially when you're leading it," Hawkins told BBC Sport.

Hawkins' reluctance to receive any roadside assistant was because it would have meant instant disqualification from the race.

But, admitting he had little memory of what happened, he said that, in hindsight, race officials should have been able to take the decision to pull him out of the race.

"I was desperate for a medal and I had put everything I could into it," he said.

"So for somebody to stop me I probably would have told them to get one, but once I'd got back up, I had no recollection of it, so maybe I should have been pulled.

"Maybe there needs to be a rule put in that, after two falls or something, or so long that it looks like you're not getting any better, there needs to be somebody to pull it like boxing."

Hawkins says he will make a return but will take longer than usual after being admitted to hospital following his collapse in the Gold Coast.

"I'm going to take a little bit longer than I normally would to get the legs back, but hopefully I'll be racing again in the summer," he added.

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