World Championships 2017: Laura Muir 'gold medallist within four years' - Foster

By Kheredine IdessaneBBC Scotland in London

Laura Muir will be a championship gold medallist within the next four years, says BBC commentator Brendan Foster.

Muir, fourth in the 1500m final, made it through to Sunday's 5,000m final at the World Championships in London as a fastest qualifier.

"Laura Muir's fourth in the 1500m was fantastic," said Foster. "Her run in the heats of the 5,000m was tough because it came just after the 1,500m."

Muir will be competing alongside fellow Scot Eilish McColgan.

Foster added: "She's now had a few more days to recover. And Laura one day, I promise you this, on BBC Scotland and on the BBC nationally, you'll be saying: 'Let's now talk to the gold medallist, Laura Muir.' And I promise you that.

"I promise you, you'll introduce her as a championship gold medallist within the next four years."

'Glorious time for Scottish athletes'

The commentator believes there is grounds for optimism for Scottish athletics, with the Commonwealth Games coming up on Australia's Gold Coast next April.

"A lot of them are quite young and there's an event called the Commonwealth Games coming up in a few months' time," said Foster.

"They're going to be wearing the blue vest of Scotland and I think it's going to be a glorious time for these Scottish athletes.

"I think what they've been doing the last few years in Scotland is remarkable.

"We've got Eilish McColgan, Laura Muir, Lynsey Sharp and Chris O'Hare all running today. Our top British hopes are all Scots and I applaud that.

"In fact, I was accused on Twitter the other day of being a closet Scottish nationalist because I said that Chris O'Hare was running for Scotland and Great Britain. Well, I stand by that.

"They're all running for Scotland and Great Britain and we'll applaud them for Scotland and Great Britain because I think they're fine athletes.

"The Scots have done extremely well and the British team without this Scottish contingent would be a hell of a lot weaker."

Andrew Butchart, who finished eighth in the 5,000m final, will also improve on the track, according to Foster.

"He's been in two global finals, the Olympics [sixth] and now the World Championships [eighth].

"I thought he ran really well last night. He's got a future, he's a confident young man and we'll see plenty more of him."

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